"On behalf of our agency McCann New York, I'd like to thank you personally for the incredible art direction, problem-solving and leadership you showed in working with us to provide innovative, creative solutions to seemingly intractable creative/tech problems.
You arrived in the midst of a very tumultuous work flow, immediately assessed the situation and worked quickly and brilliantly to provide solutions for our creative department. Your solve for the "orb" essentially solved a problem of creative integration for us-and has become a starring design element of the project. I look forward to exploring many future collaborations with you and thank you for your creative work with our team."

Catherine Eve Patterson
SVP/Executive Producer
McCann Erickson

"Sharing a meal with Danny is one of the most thrilling experiences you’ll ever have. He will dazzle you with his charm and his wit. He will impress you with his passion and his love for the craft of cooking. And he will floor you with his deep understanding and appreciation of the tiniest details of the way the food in front of you was prepared. You will leave the restaurant a wiser, happier and better person.
Working with Danny is the same. Only better.

Kasper Barfoed
Director - The Numbers Station

"Danny Rogers brings immense production value to any feature through his array of contacts, skill and resourcefulness. He leads a team well and interacts with all other HOD's to achieve the best for the film as a whole. For us he has become the one-stop-shop for our production design needs."

Simon Phillips & Toby Meredith
Press On Features.

"I've worked with Danny on projects as wide ranging from online to features. On every occasion his creativity, inventiveness, attention to detail and never waning enthusiasm makes it a joy and a pleasure to work with him and the results speak for themselves."

Mark Downes
Head of production - Motion Picture House.

"Danny is a pleasure to work with. His passion and determination to get the job done comes out on screen every-time. He always comes up with a great solution when faced with tight budgets and always helps the production above and beyond his remit"

Rupert Bryan
Producer/Director – MPH Films

"I have known Danny Rogers both personally and professionally for the past twelve years and worked together on many projects. His enthusiasm and humour in the face of difficult tasks alone makes him an invaluable asset to any crew. The attention to detail on all aspects of his work is worth its weight in gold. His knowledge of all things regarding the Art Department are extensive and he researches everything well before committing to any decision. He has a very good aesthetic in all things combined with great taste."

Ged Clarke
Multi Award Winning Production Designer

"Danny Rogers is as charming as he is talented. He exceeded my expectations and he's my first and only call for any art (department) needs in London."

Dean Minerd
Producer - Deamin Inc., Los Angeles

"Danny Rogers is a legend in his own time. Simply the best."

Jamie Rafn
Director - Smuggler